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Marketing Strategies

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In addition to traditional marketing plans, clients are encouraged to adopt digitalization marketing strategies, marketing tactics must be agile and sustainable in this digital era. Rapid revenue growth strategies are most effective and efficient to recover business drawbacks.  Innovative solutions should include omnichannel marketing and green marketing strategies as client’s business tools.

Business Startup 

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PMC offers One-stop shop solution to assist clients who are interested in starting new business, help clients to research and evaluate business opportunities and risk, encourage clients to think out of the box to design their company logo, business card and a perfect website that suits their business objectives.

Brand Management

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PMC provides various forms of branding strategies that is effective in developing strong brand equity, creative promotion strategies and visual materials to increase brand awareness. Social media marketing strategies is inevitable to outreach target audience.

Customer Relationship Management

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PMC assist clients to understand a company’s most important asset - customer relationships. We believe long-term relationships with customers can yield commercial benefits as companies strive to enhance Customer Life-Time Value. Each client will have their specific CRM strategies to create and maintain profitable relationships with customers. Such strategies are to ensure client can deliver superior value propositions from managing customer journey, identify touch points from customer acquisition till retention and development programs. 

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